Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Its been two months now since I bought this keyboard off ebay. For the price it was, I couldn’t resist getting one. At the time the reason for me getting the keyboard was because I needed a cheap alternative to the official PS3 keypad.

When they say size doesn’t matter, they don’t know what they’re missing out. Realistically size does matter.

First off this isn’t the Rii mini keyboard with a cool laser pointer, mouse functionality and even F1 to F8 keys. The Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is more smartphone-friendly rather than “Pc” friendly. As long as your computer has a built in Bluetooth then you should be fine. The keyboard works fine with the PS3, iMac and the iPad. Some of the devices I tested on.

Functionality – The keyboard is your average qwerty keyboard, but as long as your looking at what your typing then the keyboard is ok. I’m a person who usually doesn’t look at the keyboard when typing and I found that using the keyboard I kept making mistakes over and over. After carefully looking at the keyboard the positioning of the key are in a rectangular boxed layout. If you look carefully at “standard” keyboard you would know that the keys are more wider. This wasn’t a major problem but you have to be careful while typing. Other problems which may ride people is the rubber keys. First of I didn’t mind it but after a while, I felt as if I wasn’t even hitting the keys at all. Again not a major problems but something to keep mind of.

Apart of those problems, it does have some cool features. With the use of the function button, you have a wide range of shortcut tool from brightness, volume and even some hotkeys likes menu and ESC.

Design – The Bluetooth keyboard is Ultra thin and small enough to put in your back pocket. If your able to find it on ebay it comes in two colours. The standard black and a white/silver keyboard one.

Coming at 115 x 60 x 7 mm its one to WOW at how small it is.

In this ultra slim keyboard, it comes with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with 50 hours of constant use and 400 hours standby time. Even if you end up killing this thing with a quick insert of the usb it takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge again and you can be on your way.

The keyboard isn’t the best keyboard out there but its one of the slimmest and easiest to use with Bluetooth functionality. Its not 100% the keyboard will work with every device but it will sure work with your ps3 which I think is a great alternative to the official keypad.

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