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SkyView Free

SkyView Free review

Skyview is an opportunity to learn more about the stars, space bodies, and constellations. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the name of the start above your house that shines so bright, it’s your chance. Install the app to become a real astronomer and receive an abundance of information about the night sky.

Interface and Design — 10/10

The app offers interactive, live navigation of the sky. As you move your phone camera in all directions, stars and space bodies will appear in the exact position they are supposed to be at. By pressing on an object, the interface changes to an information tab. There, you can receive overall and detailed encyclopedic knowledge about a variety of celestial bodies.

Also, the app offers computed simulated animations of stars and planets across the night sky. You can interact with them, add the list of your favorites, or save for later.

Key Functions — 10/10

Along with giving the user an abundance of interesting and new information, the application hides a ton of features to consider. 
First, it’s possible to view a star not only as a single celestial body but also as a part of a constellation. You can observe the movement of it with a nice timeline that will show you its exact position at any set time.

Second, your phone camera can be utilized as a night mode camera to capture night objects. Now, you can take pictures of the moon and night sky with better resolution and astonishing graphics.

Finally, by upgrading your account, you can get the latest astronomical updates. This allows you to follow the most important, major celestial events, like the birth of a new star, asteroid trajectories, and many other unbelievable occurrences.

Usability — 9/10

To utilize the main functions of the app, it’s not necessary to subscribe or pay any fees. Just allow the app to access your camera and geolocation, and unlock your phone. By moving your camera across the sky, the trajectories of star movements, as well as the current locations of planets, will appear. Outline an object you’ve found interesting to receive more information about it.

If you want to have a deep insight into an object, just choose one of the suggested links. They will direct you to a reliable source, where you can find more information.

Cross-Platform Use — 8/10

The app easily synchronizes with your current location by using Google Maps or other in-built online maps. This allows for possible changes in the movement of celestial bodies and ensures the most accurate navigation. Also, it’s possible to share your discoveries with other users by copying a link and sending it via an email.

The Verdict

SkyView is an enjoyable and learning app for a whole family. Here, you can finally embark on a journey among the stars, see far distant constellations, and galaxies. Install this app only in case if you’ve ever wondered what the surface of Mars looks like. Or how far away Pluto is from your home planet.


  • Boundless database
  • Interactive and vivid animations
  • Free-of-charge major features
  • Constantly updating.


  • Planets can be a bit askew
  • Weak night mode.
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 10
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 8