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Ravenfield  (Ravenfield) is unusual for its genre product, the release of which never took place – the game is in early access. In spite of this, many compare her to the legendary Battlefield, as the battle and the manner of fighting is very similar to her. Here, as in the iconic shooter, no storyline, but there is a card on which there is a battle for territory.

Like any other shooter, Ravenfield is, first of all, shooting at the enemies, capture control points and hold them. The simplified graphic in this game breaks the stereotype of shooters, but only expresses its special atmosphere. The optimization quality is at the height of playing a few minutes you can understand that nothing is assumed, everything is done seriously and reliably. Of course, in such a graph will not image in FullHD or 4K, but it doesn’t hurt to kill polygonal characters. In Ravenfield players will find a lot of colors and opponents.


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Important features Ravenfield is difficulty settings, the balance of bots and their number on the map. The characters here represented in the form of a polygonal soldier in red and blue uniforms – some of them are presented as allies. AI soldiers are unpredictable – they can attack, barely seeing your enemy, and may pass by, the emphasis is not noticing. The developers declared that the game was more realistic, for example, elaborated stun the enemy fall without a parachute, and much more.

As for the weapons, Ravenfield it fully from the gun with a silencer and kits until the dug-in sandbags of the machine gun. To move on the battlefield, you can use the transport, which is here a little bit. On the air front, and you can meet a historical mismatch, as in the sky, can fight the new planes and combat birds old models. Thanks to the support of the community, where a growing number of new maps and weapons, the gameplay can last more than one hour.


At the moment the game is missing the multiplayer, so fight players yet will have a single company in the Union with bots and against bots. In Ravenfield, there are no statistics or ranks that need to earn for a purpose. This game is designed to after a hard day’s work to visit the beautiful and huge meat grinder.

Ravenfield is still in “raw” stage, constantly being updated, so her fans are waiting for many new features and updates.

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