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Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO review

Pokémon GO is a game where players have to catch pokemons with the help of their devices. To use Pokémon GO properly, you will need to enable your Internet connection and GPS because the game tracks your movements and shows you the nearest pokemons. You will have to play as a pokemon trainer. However, you will have to catch your pokemons by visiting various real-life locations. Just enable the GPS signal and walk in your city. Pokémon GO is available for download for iOS and Android platforms. At the moment, the application has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

How to Play Pokémon GO?

After you start the game and create your character, you will see them on the map of your city. However, the map is created in a cartoonish way, but all the roads and buildings will be visible there. You will be able to see a few objects. For example, green trails. That means that a pokemon was there. If you go to that location in real life, you will most likely find the pokemon. 

You can also find blue objects. They are called Pokestops. There players can get pokeballs and also eggs of the pokemons. You should go there pretty often because pokeballs can help you to catch pokemons. If you are out of pokeballs, you will not be able to catch creatures. You can also find gyms for your pokemons, where you can train them and improve their strength. However, you cannot catch pokemons, visit pokestops, or other places if you are very far from them. You will see a purple circle around your character. It represents the area where you can interact with objects.

How to Interact with Objects in Pokémon GO?

When you are near the pokestop, just tap on it and spin the object that you will see. Usually, it will give you from 2 to 3 pokeballs. But the numbers can be different (depends on how lucky you are). After that, you can start searching for the pokemons. When you see a pokemon, you will have to tap on it and the app will enable your camera. You have to aim your camera in the required spot, and then you will see the pokemon appear on your screen. After that, you will have to launch the pokeball inside the yellow circle (the circle is located on the pokemon). If you do everything right, you will catch the pokemon. 

You can also visit the pokemon page. There you will be able to improve it in order to let them visit the gym. You can see the weight and the height of your creature. You can also fight between other trainers. Just select the strongest pokemon, but you should remember that after the fight your pokemon will have to rest. You can find healing potions at the pokestops.


We recommend you to download Pokémon GO because it is an unusual application that allows you to catch pokemons with the help of your camera. You can walk around your city and find new in-game objects. Thank you for paying attention to this Pokémon GO review. We hope it was helpful.


  • Interesting gameplay
  • You can catch pokemons on the streets of your city
  • Free to download


  • Some people afraid that the game might save the data of your walking trips
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 10