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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo review

Planet Zoo is a fun game, where you have to look after the zoo. It is one of the first zoo simulator games. Your mission is to build the zoo, improve it, look after your animals, and perform various shows in order to get money. The better you look after the zoo, the more people will come to it. The game became popular in a short time. It has many different game modes that have a lot of in common with each other. You can download Planet Zoo for the Windows platform.

Planet Zoo Game Modes

After you start the game, you will be able to select the game mode you want to play. There are four game modes. The first one is called campaign. It consists of 12 different levels. Moreover, you will see many interesting characters while playing. However, your goal remains the same. You have to look after the zoo, clean it, feed animals, etc. Each animal has indicators, for example, welfare, nutrition, habitat and so on. Each of these indicators shows you the level of satisfaction of a particular animal. Sometimes animals can escape or fight with each other.

The next game mode is called Franchise. There you have to purchase various zoos, purchase, sell, or trade animals, and earn more money thanks to the chain of zoos you have. You can also play Challenge mode. It is a difficult game mode because here you will have to start your zoo from the beginning. You can select the location where you want to build a certain enclosure, and of course, you get access to the full economy of your zoo. This game mode is good for players who want to play the game offline. 

The last mode is called “Sandbox”. It is a fun game mode because here you can build an unlimited zoo. You have an infinite amount of funds, so you should not worry about the economy. It should be also mentioned that you can download various modifications from the Steam Workshop. It is the place where players make various mods and upload them so other players could use them.

Planet Zoo Visuals

Planet Zoo has great graphical effects. The picture looks modern, all the animals are nicely detailed. It should be mentioned that you can zoom in on enclosures or animals. You can see even small details on characters and animals. The textures are not blurred. The shadows are pretty realistic. However, some people say that Planet Zoo has been poorly optimized. Nevertheless, there are a lot of positive reviews for the game. 


We recommend you to download Planet Zoo especially if you are a fan of building simulator games. Here you will have to build and develop various zoos. The game has fascinating graphical effects and interesting campaign mode. We hope this Planet Zoo review was helpful. Thank you for paying attention to it.


  • Interesting gameplay
  • A lot of animals
  • Many game modes
  • Steam Workshop is available


  • Some people say that the game sometimes lags
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9