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Minecraft review

Minecraft is an opportunity to embark on a fantastic journey to decide who to be and what to create.

As a world-building simulator, the game gives you tools to erect casual buildings and large-scale constructions. Here, your possibilities aren’t limited by areas, textures, or standard patterns. On the contrary, as long as your imagination is vivid and character is steady, you can exceed yourself.

Graphics — 8.5/10

Seemingly plain and rough at first, the graphics might appear a bit raw. However, as the game unravels, you understand that such a style is meant to enhance your perception of forms and figures. The surroundings let you immerse yourself into constant exploratory and experimental attempts to create more surrealistic projects.

Here, you realize that the idea of what you’re building is more important than its appearance. Also, the graphics offer you a fresh perspective on the things that might seem so annoyingly casual in the real world.

Sound — 8/10

Just like the visuals, the music accompanying the game is another character to look up to. As you design your own world, the well-composed pieces encourage you to sit back and relax regardless of how gigantic your project is. Almost childish music that follows you on your journey creates a stunning atmosphere where you can express your creativity and vigor.

Also, ambient sounds, forest, and ocean effects animate the world, giving it a seeming purpose. On the other hand, the music changes rapidly in situations of camp or castle assaults and zombie attacks to alarm you about an incoming danger.

Gameplay — 10/10

Created to be a building simulator, Minecraft has slowly transformed into a whole dimension of creativity and human-nature interaction.

You begin the game almost bare-handedly with nothing to accomplish great things at first. However, as you collect resources, make connections, and establish your territory, you get to build more and more conceited projects. Your job is to amaze and surpass your fellow players who are also grinding hard to embellish the land with their creations.

Apart from building and designing, you will also have to secure your land protection in emergencies like zombie sieges. Erect the tallest skyscraper ever to protect your farmland and animals from these all-devouring monsters. Set up traps and mazes to make it more difficult for them to get you.

Lasting Appeal — 10/10

As the game offers no linear plot or must-accomplish quests, you’re left to yourself to figure out what truly drives you. With its boundless possibilities and opportunities, the game will not start dragging at any point in your gameplay. On the contrary, the more you play, the more you can accomplish, let alone the multiplayer where you get to cooperate and compete with other players.

The Verdict

Minecraft is worth considering if you’re looking for a platform to express yourself without all those rushy quest and plot pushers. Starting with nothing and striving for greatness and boundless achievements will encourage you to reset your mind, sit back, and enjoy.


  • Imposes no linear plot
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Multiplayer with thousands of people
  • Free-of-charge.


  • Unclear plot objectives.
Graphics 8
Sound 10
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 10