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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams review

Microsoft Teams is a platform for joining your workspace and that of your colleagues together. Now, it’s possible to stay in the office without actually being there.

Here, it’s easy and fast to create and develop new projects simply by updating your current status and adding notes wherever you are.

Interface and Design — 9/10

To create a comfortable space for cooperation, Microsoft has introduced a plain but very attractive interface. The initial frame gives you access to the most widely used features of the app. Divided into ‘Chat’, ‘Files’, and ‘More’, there are no confusing or unnecessary actions to be taken.

You can see your co-workers’ feed and updates right away, as well as you can interact and notice your thoughts simply by pressing the pencil button at the bottom.

Key Functions — 10/10

The app allows you to maintain communication via texting. The simple and well-thought-through chat tab gives you full access to comments, notes, and DM of your contacts.

It’s possible to create a private sharing cloud where you and your colleagues can upload and download multimedia files, PDF documents, pictures, graphs, etc. Each chat is equipped with one of those, where you can look for a specific file without having to review all the messages.

The ‘More’ tab hides such features as ‘Settings’, ‘Activity Log’, etc. Moreover, there is an in-built calendar where you and your team-lead can add meetings, important notifications, and deadlines for ideas and projects.

You can always call your contacts directly through the app. Free-of-charge, this option is great for cases when you have lost or simply can’t find a phone number. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, the app provides video-calling and conference features to gather people no matter their current location. 

Usability — 9/10

Since it’s an Office 365 application, it is easily accessed by using your Microsoft account or creating a new more within minutes. To enrich your feed with the colleagues’ notifications, make sure to add them to your contact list.

While video-calling, use the in-meeting chat feature to make notes and remember important information. Also, you can turn off the sound of other conversers’ microphones by pressing the designated button. 

Create an event in your calendar by typing in the name, location, and time frames in the log window. If you want to notify your team-mates about your presence at an upcoming conference, press the button ‘Join’ on your calendar feed to add yourself to the list.

Cross-Platform Use — 8/5

The app is very adjustable when it comes to synchronizing. You can integrate your Google calendar events into the application to have your full schedule at hand. Also, it’s possible to send an email directly from the app.

The Verdict

We find this application very useful for people and teams that are always in search of new ideas. It connects co-workers through a simple and highly-functional design to allow them to make the best out of their smartphone.


  • Free-of-charge
  • Limitless number of possible contacts
  • Available for smartphones and tablets.


  • Difficulty joining calls already in progress
  • The single-device connection only.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 10
Usability 8
Cross-platform use 10