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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V is an excellent continuation of the bats in the belfry GTA franchise. This critical darling of a game is the only title to be available across 3 generations of consoles thanks to the loving dedication of diehard fans. 


Rockstar is known for its polished, well-thought game worlds. GTA V follows the trend to a T. Sure, this is an oldie by today’s standards, but the slick cityscapes and gorgeous animations are as jaw-dropping today as they were in 2013. 

Heck, most modern-day titles other than big-budget blockbusters don’t come even close to what Rockstar had pulled off nearly a decade ago. 


Great sound design has always been a staple in the GTA franchise. From the sound of roaring engines to the small talk you hear on the streets of the sunny Los Santos to the energized beats you’ll hear on the radio – every element in the game is there for a purpose – setting up the right mood. 


GTA V doesn’t stray too far from the time-proven formula of all Grant Theft Auto games. As players, you are free to condole in whichever chaos your heart desires in one of the largest sandbox environments known in gaming history. 

The only difference is that the developer has added much more than shooting from an impressive arsenal or driving an insane collection of vehicles. The game world is alive and vibrant with side quests, minor activities, and mini-games that make the trio of your avatars feel alive. Shopping, eating, working out, having sex, and so much more awaits the daring adventurers. A well-written plot that mixes these elements into an unforgettable experience is an excellent cherry on the icing. 

Lasting appeal

The fact that GTA V is one of the most-played games to date even after 7 years since its official release will tell much more about the lasting appeal of Los Santos than any words ever could. 

The Verdict

GTA V holds firm ground in the video game hall of fame for a variety of reasons: satisfying gameplay loops, engaging narrative, and memorable characters are here to drive you to criminal insanity and back for a total of 120+ hours!


  • Amazing freedom of movement
  • State of the art multiplayer
  • Excellent overarching plot and memorable characters
  • An incredible arsenal of guns and vehicles.


  • The game might feel too violent or controversial to some gamers.
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 10
Lasting Appeal 10