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Coin Master

Coin Master review

Coin Master is an amusing casual game from Moon Active that offers players its own vision of what a virtual slot machine experience should be like: ridiculously pointless but entertaining, visually attractive, nice-sounding, and not too pushy when it comes to ads and microtransactions.

Gameplay, or No Gameplay?

Like many other casual games, Coin Master does not have any substantial storyline behind it. It is basically a virtual slot machine mobile game, so whatever little playable content you can find here is still tailored towards making you want to spend real money on slots. That said, Coin Master does offer some quality entertainment beyond just spinning. For example, here you can design and upgrade your villages, carry out raids on other players’ settlements or thwart attacks on yours, buy chests with collectible cards, etc. To do all of that, you need coins, which can either be won through playing slot machines or purchased with actual money if you are not good at waiting.

Invite Your Friends Over

The one thing about Coin Master that almost everyone likes is the option to invite your friends from Facebook to share the experience. The game gets more competitive and fun when you play it with people who you know well rather than strangers. Send game invites to your Facebook contacts and ask them to join you in the game. Exchange cool in-game stuff, compete to see who builds the best village, raid each other’s hamlets and collect loot to upgrade your own settlement, take vengeance on your enemies who have destroyed what you created, and do tons of other fun activities!

Village Building

The game’s main point of attraction is the ability to craft and upgrade a perfect village. For that, you will need tons of coins, so there is some spinning and winning to do first. You will also need to fend off numerous attacks from raiders. Spinning the slots will let you win shields to protect what is deservedly yours.

Once you have finished building and upgrading your village, you can move on to the next one and start over! With over 200 beautiful, exclusively themed villages to unlock, the adventure can continue forever.

Although the Coin Master mobile game for Android devices cannot boast much meaningful content, it does its job well of keeping you busy and entertained while you are commuting to and from work or school. Just do not let yourself be carried away and spend too much of your hard-earned cash on it.



  • The cartoonish art style is delightful
  • There is enough room for creativity
  • Raiding other people’s villages is fun
  • Connect to your Facebook friends and invite them to join you in the game


  • There is very little point to in-game rewards
  • As soon as you’ve built a few villages and raided a few others, the game starts feeling repetitive
  • Some players may not take well all the purchase prompts and ads that pop up every now and then
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9