Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Force Skills Guide

Force abilities or upgrades for the BD-1 droid are easy to find, as they are related to the story directly. However, some upgrades are hidden in hard-to-reach places. And that's what we will tell you in this very article.

How To Unlock Every Force Skill

Force provides various tricks for Jedi that Cal learns during his journey. Think of them as essential tools for exploring worlds. You cannot miss receiving them!

Wall Run

You can get this skill during a visit to Bogano. To unlock the ability, you need to go through the Great Divide located on Bogano. As soon as you arrive at the place, you need to explore the location to find boxes with game loot. The main thing that you should find is a shortcut hidden in the repository. But this can only be done when you get the ability to run on walls. Therefore, explore a new place and get the skill.

Force Push

When you get on Zeffo, you will see a long corridor with a locked door. Interact with the object to explore the ability, so you can repel objects and enemies.

Force Pull

Later, you will explore another tomb at Zeffo, where you will gain a new ability. Try to stop Cal's lightsaber from falling to get the skill.

Jedi Flip

Before you get on Kashyyyk, you will find several platforms on which you can jump. Try to make a couple of jumps, and you will automatically find yourself in the memory and learn the ability of a double jump.


Once on Kashyyyk, follow the given route until you find a broken panel without energy. Look to the right and cut the vines blocking the passage. The next room has a bench. Interact with it to get the skill.

Splice: Probe Droid

After the release of Wookiee on Kashyyyk, go through the door and look forward. You will see the vines that you can use. Follow to the right and jump to another vine. Continue going to the right, jump onto the platform, and unlock the shortcut. This will help you to get an improvement that allows you to hack low-level enemy droids.

Splice: Security Droid

When you leave Zeffo for the second time and climb up the cable, you will find a bridge that has to be pushed off. Instead, find the improvement workbench on the left. Now you can crack other types of drones.

Underwater Breather

Are you interested in Kashyyyk? Follow the marker and find Mari and Tarfful. During the conversation, you will get a new skill.

Climbing Claws

On Datomir, you will find a giant Gorgara bat. After the first meeting with the beast, you will find the dead Night brother, so you can take his claws and use them for climbing.

Powered Zipline

After Kashyyyk, you will again return to Zeffo to find a second tomb. Follow the marker to find yourself in the cave of the Empire. Use the zipline ahead to go down. There will be two more cables, allowing you to get to the room with a workbench and improvement.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber

You can find this update on several planets, at different points in the story. It depends on which workbench you find first (Datomir, Bogano, or Kashyyyk).

Split Saber

When you finish Datomir missions, you will accidentally destroy a lightsaber. So Cal will have to make another one. During this process, you will learn the new ability.

Improvements for BD-1

During your journey, you will also explore special skills for the BD-1 droid. You will get some of them as part of the plot, but others are secondary, and you can skip them.

Scomp Link

As soon as you get the Force push, you can open the passage to improvement for BD-1. After the temple of Zeffo, go back to the meditation zone, jump from the cliff into the area, and destroy stormtroopers. Use the push and go inside, go upstairs, and find a workbench. Interact with it to get the item. Now the droid can open different doors and chests.


BD-1 has the ability to recover Cal's lost health points using stims. Initially, the droid has only two healing charges. This may not be enough for large battles or battles with complex bosses. You can increase the number of healing charges by finding Stim Containers. These are collectibles that can be found in secret places. Each time you find a new yellow box and open it, the number of available healing charges increases by 1.

The first yellow box can be found on Bogano, the starting planet of the game. You will find it on the way back to the ship (after listening to the hologram). A large hole in the ground is located near a structure resembling a stone amphitheater. Jump into it to land near the yellow box.

The second yellow chest is located on the planet Zeffo, which you will visit in the second chapter. The box is located inside the cave, which can be reached by deviating from the main road. You have to jump onto a few stones. The cave is very dark, but Cal can light it with a lightsaber.

Feel The Force

That's all we know about Force skills and BD-1 abilities so far. If you can share more methods to get abilities, you’re welcome in the comments section below.