The Head of Gears of War Studio Leaves for Blizzard and Diablo

Gears of War has been one of the franchises due to which Xbox made sense. The newest installment has been hit the market on April 28; but the later perspectives may change. The reason is the recent announcement by Rod Fergusson, one of the creators of the franchise who participated strongly in each installment for all these 15 years. On Twitter, he said he was leaving the franchise for “a new adventure.”

The current developer of the game, The Coalition, will still make the later installments. With all the warm words Fergusson has said to them, the remaining staff must have learned enough from him to go on. Anyway, as important as Fergusson was for the franchise, Gears isn’t the first series to change the overseers successfully. The latest installments, in addition, have prepared the audience that the game may change in both visuals and narrative, and its characters are changeable too, making way for new ones.

As for Ferguson himself, his “new adventure” is, in fact, a very popular one, named Diablo. To run this franchise, he enters Blizzard this March. It’s quite a challenge to take such a historical franchise, with lots of fans and contradictive expectations. But contributing to other projects isn’t new for Fergusson. Among the games he has helped appear, probably the most famous is Bioshock: Infinite, reviewing the entire franchise and yet placing the pieces of the puzzle right.