Go to the App Store for the best Nintendo Games

Nintendo is one of the most influencing companies in the world video game market. It develops and releases plenty of hits, including extremely popular titles for mobile devices. Now you can play Pokémon games on the go. But if you are tired of this title, you are offered a wide range of other great Nintendo games, which are always available on the App Store. We are going to remind you of five titles taking top positions in a rating list.

Pokémon Go

If you please, Pokémon GO is here again. It tops the charts, and we cannot overlook the evidence of its huge popularity. If you remember, when it was launched, people forgot about their routine and played this game instead. Of course, now things are different, but still, it is preferred by a lot of players, and we are glad to start this list with this stunning title that needs no introduction.
Are you ready to go the streets of your town in order to catch cute monsters known as Pokémon? You need them to train and use in battles against others to win and increase your score. This virtual world moves in real life and makes you hooked

Fire Emblem Heroes

This title is for those who like role-playing games. Here you will find a long and rather interesting story with several characters and tons of ways to send them into the battlefield. You will enjoy the amazing visuals and deep gameplay with several modes and plenty of challenges. This variety is a real virtue increasing the replayability of the game. If you have played its other versions before, you can feel that it is simplified, but the fact that you can participate in beloved combats using your smartphones is a great improvement. Fire Emblem Heroes is supposed to be one of the best games developed by Nintendo for mobile devices.

Super Mario Run

Everybody knows Mario – the character created by Nintendo, which has become a hero of the classical series. Now we would like to highlight that Super Mario Run is the first release for mobile devices. Navigating this funny character, you will overcome various objectives, avoid traps, and remove enemies that come your way. But the main mission is to reach Bowser’s castle, to find your enemy there and defeat him. Leveling up, you pick up coins needed for building your own kingdom. You can choose any of several modes to diversify your experience.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is the right choice if you want to relax and take a few breaths. Please mind this recommendation to avoid frustration. Still, you can try this title anyway, but be aware of its peculiarity. Here you will build your campsite. You are suggested to select furniture, accessories, animals, and other stuff to make this place nice. But first, you will collect crafting materials bartering them for various products from the wish lists of various characters that you are expected to interact with. You can invite them to visit your campsite. You can count on friendly surroundings, pleasant soundtracks, and satisfying tasks.

Pokémon Masters

We are going to end with the hottest release of the Pokémon titles. This is Pokémon Masters, where you will battle against the most popular characters. You can invite your friends or unknown players to participate in those 3 vs. 3 battles. Your goal here is to become recognized as the Pokemon Master League champion in the new Pasio Island. The gameplay is not very simple. It is full of challenges and new ideas.

Great Choice, huh?

All the above titles can be played on the go without any difficulties. Try them to refresh your memory and enrich your experience. Please leave your comments below if you have any information to share with our readers.