Developers of Untitled Goose Game Support Native Australians with 1% of Total Earnings

The history of Australia is a sad story, starting from British First Fleet arrival in January 1788. While many British considered Australia only better than a death sentence, for most indigenous Australians,  there was no choice. The colonization of Australia was one of the most brutal in history, and there is still no word of reparations or even apologies.

Still, where governments fail, private initiative may succeed. So it is with House House, a video game developer best known for its Untitled Goose Game, also responsible for Push Me, Pull You. The developer decided to support the initiative named Pay the Rent, motivating its supporters to pledge shares from their income to support native Australian people. Through its official account on Twitter, House House stated that it would give at least 1% of its income to support the Indigenous groups.
Acknowledging that the land where they live was once taken by force from Wurundjeri people, the company consciously supports the initiative and encourages its followers to join. 1% may seem a minor share, but, given the success of Untitled Goose Game, it may result in a significant contribution. This share may even grow if (when?) the famous goose gets its LEGO set.