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Angel Stone RPG

Angel Stone RPG review

While the Nintendo Switch may have become the go-to platform for most RPG developers, you can still play some awesome RPGs on mobile devices. Angel Stone is a great example of what can be accomplished despite the perceived limitations of mobile gaming platforms. With dozens of skills to unlock, matches to win, and co-op raids to complete, Angel Stone is guaranteed to keep you occupied for weeks.


The focus of RPG games may be on developing your character and exploring the in-game worlds, but the visuals still play a vital role in shaping your playing experience. The graphics in Angel Stone look so great you’ll probably be impressed by the game regardless of whether you end up enjoying it or not. From the environments to character models and weapons, everything is 3D and beautifully rendered so that you can have a truly immersive experience playing Angel Stone. You may want to play the game on a tablet or on a phone with a larger screen to truly enjoy the visuals, but they do look good on smaller screens too if that’s all you have available.


There’s quite a lot to do in Angel Stone, so you can expect to keep playing this game for a long period of time. Just like in most other RPGs, you get to choose a character as you start out. Here’s where you experience one of the few Angel Stone shortcomings - you can only choose from three character classes. A little more variety would’ve gone a long way towards making the game even more interesting and significantly increased the customization possibilities for the characters. Still, you do get over 100 skills to unlock, explore, and equip, so there’s room for creativity and personalization in the game as well.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have to explore your surroundings, battle the enemies and level up your character. The latter will unlock new skills, allow you to take on more powerful enemies, and even open up new playing possibilities, such as PvP matches and co-op raids. To take part in the online co-op raids, your character needs to achieve level 60, so you have a lot of work to do if you want to raid with others. Leveling up will take a while after the initial 10-15 levels, but fortunately Angel Stone has a lot of content to explore, so don’t expect to get bored or stuck grinding for XP just to get to the next level!

Angel Stone is a great RPG that spices things up by bringing elements of the Hack-and-Slash genre to the table. It’s a must for any RPG fan, especially since the game is free to play and you don’t have to invest any money to try it out and see if you like it. Angel Stone may also be a good starting point for gamers who’ve never played an MMORPG before, as it doesn’t overwhelm players with choices in the beginning yet offers a lot of fun content down the road. 



  • Beautiful graphics
  • Many ways to play and explore
  • Runs smoothly
  • Various skills to customize your character


  • Only three character classes to choose from
  • May take a while to load on older devices
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Gameplay 9
Lasting Appeal 9