AirMech, possible hit?

AirMech is a game where you control a transforming mech and an entire army of tanks, infantry, turrets and many other support type units, it took its inspiration from Herzog Zwei.

The devs are hoping to release it on most platforms.

Gameplay – 9/10

Gameplay consists of Air-Air combat with airmechs (or Ground – Ground considering their transformation abilities), Unit ground – ground combat (Some units can attack airmechs too), possible late beta addition Sea-Sea unit combat and many more things that i will cover in the following areas of my article.

-Airmech combat:

Player – Player combat is an under-developed feature of the game at this stage simply consisting of circling your enemies firing all your weapons (Drones / Rockets (helicopter)) and attempting to flee to your bases for repairs on low HP.


Units are the focus of the game and very important parts of success. Infantry’s ability to capture outposts is vital to your success and tanks firepower good for defending outposts and blowing up enemy bases. obviously the ability to change units from heavy tank to light tank is overpowered so the game has uses a commonly used system which only allows you to pick a certain number of units for a match (8 in Airmech) so identifying your opponents strengths and weaknesses is very important.


Airmech is a P2W (Play 2 Win) game rather than a P2W (Pay 2 Win) game, as such no items that give any combat boost can be bought with the RL currency “Diamonds” (Subject for possible change), of course cosmetics are sold with diamonds and diamonds are a substitute for paying “Kudos” (subject for possible change) for units or airmechs.


There is a nice variety of maps available for use in the game and more are to come (possibly including water maps and water units!!) there are maps that start your bases off with basic defenses and harder maps that have neutral (Non-moving fighting units) units at the outposts as well as no starting units.

-leveling up (Ingame and inlobby)

NOTE: IGL = In Game Level ILL= In Lobby Level

Inlobby, leveling is your total level used to unlock new units in the game but in game, levels are gained in a match and reset at the end of that match, each IGL gives you 1 skill point which can then be used to upgrade your mechs abilities. each level also progresses to level 7 which grants access to buying the games most powerful units (ILL is used to unlock the units from the store and IGL are used matchly to balance the use of these monsters).

Presentation & Sound – 8/10

the UI’s are very neat and easy to understand and the colour scheme fits the game (9/9 for Presentation).

The sound is pretty basic Gunshot sounds, mechanical sounds and other misc background sounds and although there are many sounds all together they are not crowded and don’t get irritating.

Unfortunately, there is no soundtrack yet. (7/10 for sound)

Overall Conclusion

Airmech is a great game with a lot of replayability and is definetly worth your time especially since its strictly Play to win and free to play!

This game deserves a 8.5/10

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